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Aug 11, 2013 6:30pm EDT
. showing us a blend of sunshine and clouds today, below average temperatures. it struggled to get into the 80s today. here is a shot. that did not stop the crowd along the beachfront. last couple of weeks they are going back to school. here is a shot downtown right now. looking good. feeling good. 82degrees. the dewpoints are all ready declining. it will feel like around 85. just a little bit of a gentle breeze coming off the bay right now. that is it at 80 degrees. tonight 76 at 8:00. we're back on at 11:00, should be around 71. 60s to start tomorrow morning. we're on the way to the middle and upper 80s. by lunchtime scattered showers or thunderstorm. more of an isolated deal to start your monday afternoon and a widespread situation tuesday. high temperatures in the city made it to 80. 80s up toward cecil county. normally we should be around 86 this time of the year so we're on par for average. 100 was the record back in 1900. sunset now at 8:07. temperatures across town. el 0s to the north and west. very comfortable over the eastern shore, 81 degrees in chester town. but the dewpoints ar
Aug 25, 2013 6:30pm EDT
told she had breast cancer. >> everybody was cheering for us. >> reporter: over $200,000 have been raised fordanielle. >> we are coming together during difficult times. >> reporter: some will take a nap and others are going to keep on going for 24 hours. they gave us all a message. >> chemo sucks, chance cancer sucks but this is something i ca do. >> reporter: riders take their laps so cancer stays out of the fast lane. cheryl conner, cbs2 news. >> reporter: just a beautiful amount of sunshine over the bay today. downtown right now it is gorgeous. the sun is setting. the airport is a shade below 80. we have a gentle wind at 9 miles per hour. we have lots of clear skies. we are back on at 11:00. we should be around 60. tomorrow will be around 87. maybe a little more in the way of sticky air. today 82. 84 is the normal. 97 was the record in 1968. downtown is 80 degrees and 70 in woodvine. if will be 50s tonight and very comfortable. the dew point is around 50 degrees. nothing going on. we will get a break for another 24 hours before more storms come in by tuesday and wednesday. we ha
Aug 18, 2013 6:30pm EDT
guy hit us we both got knocked out. he woke up and held my hand and said a prayer. which that made me tear up. >> reporter: that prayer was said on a rainy night in january. maryland state police say the driver of a pickup truck ran a stop sign and hit jo's suv. josh's vehicle came across mountain road and up this grass embankment before wrapping around the telephone pole. he was in critical condition. broken pelvis and 28 screws hold him together, a punctured lung and a brain injury that erased a month of injuries. >> the last thing i remember before the accident was christmas. >> reporter: andy spent 17 days in shock trauma. now his gaining his strength again he wants to give back by giving blood for the first time. his asking you to join him on thursday as a way to thank the first responders, doctors and the nurses. >> how are you? >> what's up? >> glad you are good. >> thank you. >> glad all of us in the fire department saved your life. >> reporter: randy was on the scene what night. >> be safe. >> always. >> reporter: from a hug to a friend getting a prayer answered josh and bran
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3